Find out how our event management software, IntelliEvent or our automotive shop software, Master Repair can help you run your business better!

IntelliEvent Lightning
Now you can have it all, a cloud based, full-featured event management system, scalable to the largest organization requirements.  Designed from the ground up, IntelliEvent Lightning is a customized solution with the flexibility to manage your workflow for your specific business. With a powerful SQL back-end using an industrial strength data repository, Lightning can manage the largest storage requirements while providing integration opportunities to share data across the business infrastructure.
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IntelliEvent Express
Designed with extremely powerful functionality yet requiring minimum resources, IntelliEvent Express is a perfect solution for an any event industry business. Our solutions intelligently leverage your business process data to deliver a full, end-to-end event management workflow. This flexibility enables users to quickly and easily configure the application to match their specific business requirements. This unique approach reduces the costs of managing and maintaining your operations while providing a high quality customer experience.
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Master Repair
Master Repair has designed and refined its software for over 30 years, making it the most stable, proven and comprehensive set of tools for management, administration and accounting in automotive industry. Master Repair offers fast implementation for both the new or advance user.Offering the best applications and tools for quick implementation with unmatched scalability. Trusted by thousands of repair shops worldwide.
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